Emergency Egress Systems for MINING LOADERS

Emergency egress systems for mining loaders

Model No. 101 with different support base

Mining Loader Emergency Escape Chutes

In the case of a potential emergency evacuation from a Mining Loader, it would most likely be due to a fire breaking out in the engine compartment / bay located to the centre and rear of the operator's cabin.  To complete the evacuation of the Mining Loader, WITHOUT a vertical escape chute, would mean the operator would have to cross over the 'on-fire' engine compartment / bay to gain access to the ladder / stairway.

A vertical escape chute fitted to the side of the loader, adjacent to the operator's cabin door, would have the operator safely on the ground in under 10 to 12 seconds.

The below images show the Model No. 101 chute container with a different support base frame to accommodate the loader configuration.

Mining loader vertical escape chute
Verti-scape mining escape chute
Mining loaders emergency escape chutes

Mining Escape Chutes

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