How to use the Mining Vertical Escape Chute ...

The evacuee has full control of the speed at which they descend!

  To use the Vertical Escape Chute :


  • Sit on the edge at the entry point with your feet and lower legs in the chute  -  at this stage, you will feel the inside wall of the chute grip your lower legs


  • Expand your legs against the inside wall of the chute  -  you will feel considerable resistance


  • Whilst supporting your body weight with your hands, lower yourself into the chute, keeping your legs fully extended against the inside wall of the chute


  • Once your shoulders are in the chute, push your hands and arms against the inside wall of the chute and bend your legs at the hips  -  this action will slow your descent  -  by applying enough pressure you can come to a complete stop (and just sit there!)


  • To descend further down the chute, relax the pressure against the inside wall of the chute​

Vertical escape chute slow down

Increase Pressure



Vertical escape chute speed up

Relax Pressure


How the Verti-Scape Escape Chute is made ...


The Verti-Scape Escape Chute is manufactured from three completely separate and distinctly different fabric tubes / chutes.

Each tube / chute has its own function to perform and it is ONLY when these three tubes / chutes are assembled together, do they then become an Escape Chute.




There is a space between THE OUTER LAYER and THE MIDDLE / BRAKING LAYER  -  this allows air to circulate between the two tubes, thus preventing heat transfer.

Mining escape chutes assembly

Mining Escape Chutes

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