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Design, manufacture, supply and installation of Vertical Escape Chutes to the Mining Industry since February 2002.

MINING ESCAPE CHUTES is a company previously working under the name of ESCAPE CHUTE SYSTEMS.

ESCAPE CHUTE SYSTEMS have been in operation since 2002.  They have been a world leader in innovation of uses of Vertical and Inclined Escape Chutes from all forms of structures including Mobile Mining Equipment.

However since 2002, both the Structural side and the Mining side of the company had increased in size so much that they were becoming entangled with each other, hence not developing new and innovative means of emergency egress systems.

​It was therefore decided to restructure as follows :

  • MINING ESCAPE CHUTES  -  the 'Mining' side remains operating out of Brisbane, Australia

  • ESCAPE CHUTE SYSTEMS  -  the 'Structural' side now operates out of Dubai and parts of Europe


History of Vertical Escape Chutes

The Vertical Escape Chute was invented in France in 1860 with the first deployment being in Austria the same year.  The modern and current design of the Vertical Escape Chute was developed in the early 1970's by Gerard Zephine on which the Verti-Scape Escape Chute is based on.

All three configurations of escape chutes (listed below) today are becoming an accepted alternative means of emergency evacuation from high rise buildings and industrial plant :​

  • Verti-Scape Escape Chute

  • Uyeda Escape Chute  (Japan)  -  Spiral Escape Chute

  • Uyeda Escape Chute  (Japan)  -  Inclined Escape Chute

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